Saturday, November 4, 2017

Startrite Metal Band Saw Rebuild

So I picked up this saw at auction early this year. I have a small 4.5 X 6 import, but I have always wanted a larger more powerful saw. At 9 X 12 capacity this saw fits the bill. Its an older saw, made in the UK by Startrite which made saws all the way up to large industrial size machines. I got it quiet cheaply at 300 bucks, probably because of its age and years of built up crud and saw filings, but a cheap similar size import goes for 1500 - 2000 bucks.

So I will begin by dismantling the saw down to it's component parts to find any damaged or worn parts. The first two pictures are the saw as I got it ready to dismantle.

First I removed the doors, blade guides, and the vise jaws. First problem, right side pin on right side door is sheared off. Easy one to fix. Spun the top wheel, spins easily, bearing is tight with no wobble in the wheel. Tried to get rotational movement in bottom wheel. Wheel was tight indicating no wear in worm drive, fantastic, I can get 1/4" slop in my small import, at the wheels rim, (indicating a worn or poorly fitted worm gear). As I suspected, the saw came out of a government power house and was probably only used by the night shift operator for government projects, if my experience is any indication. It is old and dirty but has little wear on the main drive parts.

Wheels removed.

Motor, pulleys, and guard removed.

Wheels are very heavy, cast iron and well machined.

Not really a problem, but it looks like someone cut a small chunk out of the back jaw. Can,t think why, except possibly for clearance on a piece of work, which would be just short of killing the messenger.

I can build it up but its cast so, might be hard to get a solid repair, we'll see.

The motor runs smoothly and the bearings are tight, but when disconnecting I noticed the connection box was loose on the motor. On a closer look found the box was actually two parts, the main box was connected to a smaller box with a curved base to bolt to the motor housing. this smaller box was a zinc (zamuc) casting and was all cracked. In the picture foreground is the blade cleaning wire brush, pretty much done, I can replace that from stock.

 I decided to replace the motor with a new 1 hp sealed motor, I got real cheap long time ago from Princess Auto. I will repair the old motor with a fab. steel box or a aluminum casting later. I,ll post it when I do.

This is the vise and tilt head base assembly. Rusty dirty but otherwise in good shape.

In this picture is the worm gear box, lubrication pump and behind, the top wheel tension adjustment. As mentioned the worm drive is tight with no wear, so it needs a good cleaning, I'll drain and flush the old oil and refill with new oil. The lube pump runs well but it needs a good cleaning and the wiring cover is hardened and brittle, I'll look at replacing that.

Another view, The top wheel mount and tension adjustment just needs a good cleaning.

The 3 main welded frame components. Other than a heavy build up of oily crud and rusty saw filings, they are in good shape. Checked the tilt frame for alignment, looks bang on, nothing looks like it was ever overstressed. The saw base has a small dent in the side of the oil and saw fillings collection tray, easily fixed.

In this picture is the wiring harness and lubrication tubing. The wiring needs a cleaning and some adjustments but otherwise ok. The lubrication tubing is all age hardened like the wiring cover on the pump and will all be replaced.

So looks like I am ready to start cleaning. Sand blasting isn't an option so I guess its scrapers, wire brushes, and varsol. The price, looks like my auction price, since I will be refurbishing the old motor for other uses.