Sunday, November 19, 2017

Startrite Saw Head Paint

So I completed cleaning and preparing the head for paint this afternoon and managed to get the first coat of paint on one side. When it is dry enough I will flip it over and do the other side. The second coat will go on quicker. When all good and dry I can mount it on the base and start installing the assemblies. Here are a few pictures.

On another note while digging through a drawer of seldom used tools this morning I came across a Makita 5" grinder, I had thrown in there a couple of summers ago. It ran erratically and I thought I had killed it. I plugged it in and tried it. It ran but would not come up to full speed and if I flipped it on its side it stopped altogether. On a hunch I removed the brushes, sure enough the spring on one brush was mostly destroyed. I had a spring and clip that I had saved from a brush change out on one of my abrasive cut-off saws, the wire and clip spring retainer had separated from the brush. As luck would have it the spring was identical to the Makita springs. Reassembled the Makita brush and install in the grinder. Tried it out, awesome ran like new, no sparking, brush was well seated. Thats great the way I kill the imports, it will hurt a little more at $150 a pop if I start killing the Makitas.
Here are a couple of pictures. The broken spring is what was left when I opened up the Makita. The clip and wire is whats left of the brush I salvaged the new spring from. On the right is the repaired assembled brush for the Makita. Second picture back together and running great.