Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Startrite Saw Motor Installed

So I cleaned and painted the motor mount this morning and set aside to dry. Spent the afternoon paralleling the wheels, installed the old blade and made a few tilt adjustments for the initial tracking. It will probably require a little more adjustment under power with a new blade. Tightened everything down.

Here is the cleaned and painted motor mount and parts.

The motor mount weldment  is very stiff and solid for it's weight. I have always been bothered by the stamped and inadequate motor mount on my table saw. Something like this looks like a future plan.

On the subject of weldments. With the advances in welding technology after WWII weldments became more popular, they are lighter and stronger, in many applications, over cast iron. This saw is a perfect example. The whole frame is a well planned weldment of 1/8" steel very strong and much lighter than a cast iron import of comparable size. This also allows for many adjustments that are normally built in on a cast iron machine and can't be adjusted.

The motor mount, mounted on the worm drive.

And the motor mounted on the motor mount.

Perfect fit, you'd think they were made for each other, ha ha.

Another view.