Monday, November 13, 2017

Startrite Vise Assembly

Completed the vise adjustment assembly yesterday. At some point in time the speed wheel on the vise was damaged and replaced with a fabricated wheel with no speed adjustment. The closest wheel I had was larger than the original, the threaded bore was to large, and it had no speed handle. I made up an insert to match the threaded vise shaft, and added a speed handle. The fly in the ointment will be clearance with the head in the full down position. Did a rough check appears to just clear the head.

Here the fabricated old wheel on the right and the salvaged wheel with threaded insert and a bored boss for the speed handle on the left.

Startrite's parts drawing for the vise bed.

The speed handle parts.

All of the vise adjustment parts.

And three pictures of the assembled vise, minus the back jaw.

Next I'll clean and install the back jaw and get started on the tilt head clean-up.