Saturday, November 11, 2017

Startrite Vise Base

So haven't been in the shop much last few days, managed to squeeze in this afternoon and do some work on the vise and tilt head base. Cleaned it up with WD-40 and my wire brushes, sanded it lightly and wiped it down with varsol. Got most of the underside surfaces painted, some I couldn't reach, but the old paint was still in tact and the metal protection still good. Installed the weldment on the mobile base and finished painting all the other surfaces. The wear surfaces are still in good shape so I left them alone. They can be changed easily enough, if ever necessary, by simply removing the counter sunk allen head screws. Here are a few pictures.

Started snowing Wednesday and quickly turned into the first blizzard of the year, high winds and -30*C wind chills. Total accumulation by this afternoon over 15 cm. (6"). A little early for those kinds of temps., their calling it a La-Nina year.