Saturday, November 25, 2017


So I didn't manage to get into the workshop today, but here is another file I made up years ago (I have over 200 GB of them, I thought I reached the end of the web one day, but it was just a diy'er with a great site playing a joke on me, ha, ha, ha)  of some workbench eye candy.

Workbench World is an Australian site that builds and sells workbenches of all types for schools and industry. They use a Australian wood called Jarrah with ideal characteristics for workbench construction. I imagine its rare and expensive in North America but their beautifully designed benches, and great ideas, can of course be made from the wood type of your choice.

So click Workbenches to download a 41 page, 1.2 MB, pdf file of workbench eye candy.

Below is a picture of their latest design, a Roubo bench version that has a few of the ideas I incorporated in my bench build. You can see more details and benches on there site at this link Workbench World.

Beeeeautifull, Gives me inspiration to build another bench. Ha, ha.