Sunday, December 17, 2017

Engineers Illustrated Thesaurus

So from 1952 comes this great little book. With short explanations and corresponding illustrations, most aspects of the engineering field in 1952 are covered. Explanations are clear, practical, and uncomplicated. The illustrations are a nice compliment to help clarify the many engineering examples covered in this volume. Much is covered, from fasteners to prime movers to industrial processes.

Below is the title page and a great little introduction. The last paragraph is about as clear an explanation as I have ever seen about why perpetual motion machines are a non starter in this universe, (nothing in - nothing out). I know people, who should know better, who still believe they are possible. If a multi-verse is our reality, they must have reincarnated here from another universe where the laws of physics are different, lol.

To download "Engineers Illustrated Thesaurus" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 39 - 13.4 MB - pdf

So back to the football game. Enjoy.