Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1969

Another week slipped by and Xmas on the doorstep. Nothing more comfortable than a hot cup of coffee and a warm fire in the wood stove on a sunny, crisp, -28*C winter morning with everything draped in white.

So this weeks PM shop notes starts of with a solid looking power tool stand. For the woodworker there is also a nice colonial cabinet top desk.

For metalworking projects there is a article on milling in the drill press with plans for fixtures to get around some of the problems in such activity. A nice article on turning rings in the lathe, a piggy back speed reducer, a hefty tool post for large bits, a nice little fixture for setting boring bars. If you have wanted to try back cutting on the lathe, there is a plan for a back cutting, tool holding fixture, an article on planing in the lathe, a nice small 5 ton shop press. There is a plan for building a power hacksaw from a washing machine gear box, (I have had a similar gear box in storage for many years, now that I have a couple of metal band saws, I will have to figure out another use for it. ha ha )

This installment finishes off with a nice article on hardening, annealing, and tempering steel in the shop.

Click on Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1969 to download. 3.2 MB - pdf