Saturday, December 2, 2017

Startrite Blade Brush Installed

So did not do much in the shop today, got a few hrs in there between cooking and cleaning (yes I do that, lol). I first cleaned up the parts for the blade brush. The old wire brush was done, so I dug around in my wire brush drawer and found one close to the same size. I drilled out the pressed in shaft to match the threaded shaft on the brush assembly. After painting the main bracket and baking the finish on the wood stove, I assembled all the parts and installed on the saw.

The first two pictures are the cleaned parts front and back, the new brush is assembled on the shaft and the old brush is top left corner.

The finished and assembled brush. 

Everything on this saw is replaceable or adjustable for wear, even the blade brush

Here assembled on the saw, a look inside.

And a look from the outside.

So suppers waiting, a big serving of my favorite very cheesy, cheese and macaroni casserole.