Monday, December 11, 2017

Startrite Blades Finally Arrived

Well look what arrived today, didn't expect them till Wednesday as they didn't arrive in Toronto till last Friday. I ordered them from Westway Machinery in Toronto but these were custom length, so they had to be ordered from the manufacturer in the States. Coupled with mayhem at the border because of cyber Monday, it's been 3 weeks since the order went in. Better late than never ha ha.

These are industrial quality Lenox blades, well worth the wait. I purchased 3 vari-tooth 8-12 tpi for thinner work and 2 vari-tooth 6-10 tpi for thicker work. At 38 bucks Canadian they are not cheap but with reasonable care I shouldn't need another blade.

Here installed on the saw. Perfect fit, lots of room left for adjustment.

Will still require some checks and adjustments when it gets powered up.

So electrical and close it up and were done, later this week.