Thursday, December 7, 2017

Startrite Coolant Pump

Spent a couple hours puttering around in the shop this afternoon. The power cord was hardened and cracked in a few spots on the coolant pump and it was gummed up with grease and dirt, surprisingly still ran though. I opened it up and replaced the cord with a new cord, reassembled with a new o-ring seal.

All cleaned up with new cord. The bracket hanger still needs paint, tomorrow.

The coolant return hose was longer than it needed to be. I cut a ft. of hardened hose off of the tank end. There was a solid 4" long plug of metal chips and dirt in the middle, managed to get it all poked out and cleaned up. I don't think the saw was ever cleaned out or the coolant changed, when everything plugged up they just stopped using it. Installed the cleaned out hose on the drive end return.

So left the dirty job for last. Got started cleaning out the coolant and pump tank. The crud was an inch deep in the bottom.

Hopefully get the tank cleaned up and painted tomorrow. Haven't checked yet , hopefully have the fittings I need for the coolant tubing. After that just the electrical, paint and reinstall a few plates to close things up, and were done. I was informed today my new blades are delayed till early next week (something about border mayhem due to cyber Monday).