Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Startrite Saw Blade Guides Completed

So took a while but I got the blade guides completed. Lots of small parts to clean and two of the bearings had to be replaced, both gummed up and the seals gone. Took a while to find replacement bearings, the zip lock bag I keep small bearings in was not in my two little red tool boxes I keep my bearings in, eventually found the bag on a shelf (got to stop doing that,lol). In addition to the two side ball bearings in each guide there are also three carbide inserts to guide and support the blade.

Here is Startrites part drawing for the guides.

Here are all the parts for the two guides. Bottom right the guide block is all assembled ready to mount on the guide arm. Bottom left, the guide block only has the top carbide insert and coolant valve installed the rest of the parts are laid out beside it, you can see the two side carbide inserts and the mounting screws with the two new bearings.

 In this picture both guide blocks are assembled and mounted on the guide arms.

In the next two pictures both arms mounted on the saw in the raised and lowered positions.

You will notice there is a part missing. There is a blade guard for the drive end but no blade guard could be found for the head end, part no. 11 on the drawing. Someone probably got tired of removing it for blade changes and didn't bother replacing it, ha ha. Not really needed to run the saw but for safeties sake I'll see if I can make one up tomorrow.