Friday, December 15, 2017

Startrite Saw Complete

So  I took my time on this project, but it is now complete, and none to soon with Xmas coming. So here are the centerfold pictures. A great looking saw, wasn't long ago I could only dream of having a saw like this for the price I put out.

So here is the heart of the electrical harness I just completed. The box contains  a 12 point connection block and a system over load reset. The motor has double coverage as it has it's own overload reset.

The little red button on this limit switch controls everything. With the head in the full down position, the limit switch cuts power to the coolant pump and the start coil on the motor start switch. The contact plunger has fine adjustment.

Here is the coolant pump switch and the blade speed plate.

So she takes a fine picture, but can she cut metal? Coolant is not available locally and nobody will ship it. So I will have to do with out, till I am in Timmins or Sudbury, to pick some up. There are home brew recipes that many have used with success. Heres one recipe:

Home Made Coolant

Here is a recipe for some home made coolant. At a cost of around 50 cents a gallon

1 quart cheep motor oil 

3 cups liquid dish washing soap 

4 gallons water

The water acts as a coolant and the oil acts as a rust preventative  Adding the soap will allow the oil to mix with water. If you want water soluble cutting oil substitute the motor oil with black cutting oil.

If you get a sticky residue on your machine you have to much soap. If mixed just right you will get a thin layer of oil on your machine and tools after the water evaporates. 

There is a secret to making this work however. You must add the detergent to the water first and then stir in the oil to the soapy water a little at a time. If you just add them all together in the same container all at once, they don't mix very well.

Use at your own risk, I have not tried it yet. For me this presents another problem, my garage/workshop is not heated yet and it will freeze. Others have tackled this problem in a different way. Here is an idea quoted from a forum that escapes me now.

 Re: Band saw cutting fluid recomendations???

For most home hobbiests, these saws can be run dry with no noticable effect on blade life. The biggest broblem with these saws seems to be the el-cheapo blades that come with the saw, and the same blade that most people use for a replacement. I have found that Lenox brand blades are some of the best on the market. They can be found through several on-line retailers in the sizes you need.

That being said. If you wish to use coolant on your saw, a readily available and cheap alternative is windshield washer fluid. In an unheated shop, it will not freeze, it is non-corrosive, and the alcohol content does a good job of cooling through evaporation. It also does a fine job of flushing chips from the cut. I find this benifit more important than the actual cooling. Keeping the chips out of the path of the blade helps the blade to work more efficiently, therefore creating less heat in the first place. In any non-abrasive cutting of metal, the object is to direct the heat of the cut into the chip, and keep the heat out of the work-piece. It leaves no oily residue, and can simply be wiped off with a dry rag and ready for welding.

Again I have not tried this, so use at your own risk. I think  until I have heat in that shop this is my best option, the detergents will keep the saw relatively clean. Few solutions are ever perfect solutions, the alcohol content makes it highly flammable, so take care to keep sparks and flame away and keep an extinguisher close by. 

So I will make some cuts with the saw later today or tomorrow and post some pictures.

Cheers All