Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Startrite Saw Top Blade Guard

So we started early looking for the right material to build the top blade guard that was missing. Without a complete drawing of the part, some of this is by the seat of my pants. If I get close to the original, great.

In the first picture is a length of light 2 1/4" square tubing, I cut it lengthwise on the diagonal. Most of the material I had was either too light or too heavy and this will save me a couple of bends.

Here the two parts of the assembly are formed and the slotted guide tab is welded on the outboard end of guard.

Thickness was a little to heavy to bend on my 2' brake so I grooved the bend lines with my trusty Makita grinder and then bent them on the brake.

Getting a accurate weld of the two parts was a little tricky but that is were my welding fixture came in handy. Once lined up and clamped I positioned the weld area for an easy flat weld.

The next two pictures, painted and ready to install. Front and back.

Installed on the saw, Easy fit the first time.

Here adjusted for maximum capacity.

Here extended for smaller work, slides easy and can be removed instantly by loosening one nut.

Not sure what Startrites design for the outboard end looked like, but this works great. The slotted tab supports the end of the guard and prevents movement which may bring it in contact with the blade or wheel. Adjustment and removal are trouble free.