Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ultimate Sliding Table/Crosscut Sled

Yes here is another "Ultimate Sled" This one is unique in that it's main function is as a large capacity and easily accurate European style sliding table, without the high cost and it will not take up all the floor space in your small shop. When your done you simply lift the table off without the use of a single tool and hang it on the wall and the great little outboard support horse, or horses, can be used for other functions around the shop.

As can be seen above, capacity is huge and can be used with any saw with a miter slot and will make your contractor saw more useful and accurate than it was ever intended to be. It will not cost you $1000 to build, take up a year of your spare time to build and require many adjustments to set up. Some MDF, plywood and hardwood scraps from around the shop, some hardware from the local hardware store and a length of Kreg top track is all you will need. I would consider the build difficulty in the medium range within the grasp of most if not all home hobbyists. There are improvements that can be done for the ambitious such as roller skate wheels in the outboard support horse, to make handling heavy panels easier but the sled looks great as it is.

For those who would like to build this, if you are like me and have a collection of Fine Woodworking magazines, you will find the article in their 2008 July/August issue. For a lower res.scan of the article, you can download the 3 MB pdf here Ultimate Sliding Table/Crosscut Sled .