Saturday, December 23, 2017

"YOU SPENT $2000 ON WHAT???" by Charlie

Charlie is the only name I could find for a credit. As mentioned in the last post Charlie did a well documented rebuild of a rebuild screwup (there's a lesson here) of a 9" Hercus precision lathe. Charlie has not posted since before 2010 and the steam machine site seems to get little use except as a link to a few other sites. So for fear of losing this great little rebuild I straightened it up and resized in my word program and converted it to pdf. There is a nice plan here for a universal tool post and good information on thread gearing, bearings and bearing pre-load. The Hercus is very similar to my South Bend and will be of help when I do my rebuild.

If like me you want to hold on to a copy of this rebuild in a convenient pdf file, click on the link YOU SPENT $2000 ON WHAT??? to download. 4 MB - pdf