Sunday, January 28, 2018

12" Band Saw Revisited

Yes your right Kris the 12" band saw in the 73-74 shop notes was not complete. Thank you for your interest. At the time I could not find the "continued on" page and uploaded it anyway. Here is the complete article. I could not find it in my yearbooks or encyclopedias so the resolution is not much better, as I am depending on googles original archiving from over a decade ago.

Click images and then click again for best view.

Yes the hardware kit is mostly hardware store items. Using plywood wheels instead of V pulleys is easily done as in my 12" band saw build. Installing the motor in the base and driving the bottom drive wheel through bearings in the frame and outboard pulley is in my opinion preferred and would give you the option of different blade speeds. Hope this helps.

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