Thursday, January 4, 2018

2X4 Chainsaw Mill And 12" Cupola

So from my project binders comes 2 more plans. The first is a easy 2 x 4 chainsaw lumber mill by Will Malloff. The plan is a compressed version of the plan in his book (see review above) "Chainsaw Lumbermaking" and comes out of Fine woodworking magazine. Both are published by The Taunton Press, the editor included the article in what is basically a book review. Here's the article, there are more details and pictures in the book.

Click on the pages to expand.

 The second plan is from Mechanics Notebook # 12 reprinted by Lindsey Publications. As mentioned in a previous post this is another cupola plan. This one averages out to 12" bore below the stack outlet. This one is unique in that the working section can be rolled out from under the stack section for cleaning, repairs and even charging for a short run. It has a drop bottom making cleaning even easier. For the small user you can skip the charging door and charge with the working section pulled out and melt up to 400 + lbs of iron per charge. For a small outfit in the casting business you can use the charging door and melt 1500 lbs/hr. on a continuous basis. Truly a nice well thought out design. His suggestion that larger cupolas have there bore reduced by adding temporary refractory, in order to reduce there capacities, in times of economic downturns, is exactly what was done during the thirties depression and subsequent downturns.

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