Thursday, January 4, 2018

Book Review: Chainsaw Lumbermaking by Will Malloff

As mentioned in the previous post this is a review of Will Malloff's great book "Chainsaw Lumbermaking" published by Taunton Press in 1982.

Will Malloff has a lifetime of experience on the subject and has a number of patents in the field including the development of the ripping chain tooth geometry. The book covers all aspects of chainsaw lumber making and it's easy to see the knowledge that only hands on experience can bring. Will will take you through choosing and maintaining your saw to operating a commercial mill (like the Mark III Alaskan Mill) to making your own mill and lots of plans for making your own tools and accessories.

I was aware of this book for a while, from my Fine Woodworking magazines, the price made me wince though. So you can imagine, my heart almost skipped a beat when I walked into a great little used book shop in Belleville Ont. in 1994 (yes I can still remember that far back lol), and there it was on the shelf, hardcover edition, in new condition, with a used price of $10. If my body was 20 years younger I would have done back flips lol.  Here are some pictures. Click on the images to expand.

Here are a couple more pictures of the 2x4 mill in the previous post in use.

The back cover.

If you like the subject matter and you come across this in the used market, snap it up you will not regret it.

Well it's supposed to hit -48*C with the wind chill tonight, can,t feed the wood stove fast enough lol.


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