Sunday, January 14, 2018

From Hand Tool To Industrial Robot

So taking a break from all this great football to upload a good read I put together last night. You don't have to like history if you like tools to enjoy this read. Long time ago I was given a badly water damaged book that was falling apart by a used book dealer. It was unsalvageable, I can't remember who wrote or even the name of the book but I held on to chapter three in one of my binders because it dealt with two of my interests, history and tools. The article deals with the development of machine tools from roman times to the present in 30 large pages.The short history lesson keeps you interested with short descriptions and interesting pictures of old machines.

For a quick interesting read click From Hand Tool To Industrial Robot to download, 8 MB, pdf.

Here is a picture of a machine sketched by Leanardo Da Vinci to speed the hammering out of files. A major shop tool ( the file) then and now.

The first machine considered "the first real machine tool" was built by John Wilkinson in 1775, and was actually a combination machine comprising two huge boring mills for boring cylinders a face plate lathe and a between centers lathe, all run by a large centerally located water wheel.

Happy reading.

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