Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1975-82

So as mentioned a few times before pickings are getting slim. The magazine contents are changing at this point. Build articles are short, the longer ones focusing on furniture and home renovation projects. Advertising is the majority of the content and projects and articles are broken up and tucked in between. Resolution is also poor quality. So this will be the last installment and includes a few projects up to 1982. There are lots of very nice furniture projects for the woodworker from 82 to the present. These can all be accessed in their yearbooks which are quite common in the used book market. Here's a picture of my collection. I may upload some of the more outstanding projects from these in the future.

In this installment  the woodworker will find a couple of projects, a nice china cabinet and a drop leaf table. there are a number of short projects for the metal lathe a power hack saw and a disc and drum sander, the resolutions aren't great, for that reason there were a few good projects that I didn't include, like a great looking cider press. I have it in one of the year books so I'll upload it at a later date.

Click Popular Mechanics Shop Notes Highlights 1975-82 to download 3.4 MB pdf.

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