Thursday, January 18, 2018

Popular Mechanics Yearbook Projects

So as promised here is the plan for a cider press. The plan also includes a plan for a cider grinder,so if you want to make your own cider, you will be well equipped  with these plans. These are my own scans from the PM yearbooks so resolution is very good down to the material lists. If anyone wants to build any of the previous shop notes plans but finds the resolution lacking for the fine print, like that in the material lists, drop me a note and I will try to find it in my encyclopedias or yearbooks and upload a better scan.

Click images to expand and then click again for best view.

Here are a couple more interesting plans from the same 75-82 period, that I feel better about uploading, since I can control the quality of the upload. The first is a plan for a shop-built polisher. After uploading the tumbler and faceting machine plans I would be remiss if I didn't include this one. A tumbler does a good job but takes a long time, this vibratory polisher accomplishes the same in one quarter of the time. Looks complicated but it is not, an easy construction for what you get.

Here's a blast from the past. Remember spirograph, it was a popular toy from many many years ago, it came with different size plastic gears to produce a variety of designs. This plan is much more robust and will survive in the shop for, in addition to pen and paper creations, you can use a diamond point grinding wheel dresser to engrave metals for an outstanding finish.

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