Friday, January 5, 2018

Some Preachy Maybe Politically Incorrect Musings

So I was browsing through a copy of the 1898 Modern Machinery magazine reprinted by Lindsey Publications. Some nice articles in there, however an article and a advertisement touching on human nature caught my attention. This may sound preachy, don,t worry, it happens seldom enough, ha, ha.

The first rant concerns a free energy engine (perpetual motion) lauded by a Mr. Keely to "override the laws of nature" and "harness unknown forces". That alone would have turned away most informed people but surprisingly his claims attracted more interest and investment than any other idea up to that time. This had gone on for a very long time but it only took a Mr. A. E. Scott one viewing to determine the engine a massive fraud, declaring Mr. Keely a "juggler of superior ability". Madoff anyone?

Why did so many people invest? Either they were unaware or skeptical of what science was saying and saw a chance for a quick buck. Or they were aware of the fraud but put there morals aside to ride on the coattails of a fraud, also for a quick easy buck.

The second thing that caught my eye is an advertisement for files. We often hear how sexist exploitation of women dominates advertising. Hey, news for you, it,s been around since advertising began. I was surprised to see this blatant advertisement. Blatant in that a horse should have good teeth and a good temper too and would make more sense since there is a horseshoe stamped on the heal of the file, but then as now a pretty girl gets more clicks.

So, so what? Whats the point? No point, I am not saying anything the majority of people aren't aware of but often choose to ignore. There is a great and hilarious rant that George Carlin does on the ten commandments in which he argues that the ten commandments were over rated and should have only been three. I would argue two might suffice, control the cells desire for "power" (domination), and "greed" and all of humanity will benefit. Easier said than done.

Thats my rant, done for another year lol.


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