Saturday, January 6, 2018

Two Oil Drum Forges And A Gemstone Faceting Machine

Well the cold snap is breaking which means I'll have to do some work around here starting with clearing some snow, it never ends, lol. So I'll get a couple more projects up here before I take a break from the computer.

These two are from my project binders as well. The first plan was 40 pages in my binder, so I checked my Forge And Foundry file and sure enough I had it in pdf.. "Oil Drum Forges" is an Intermediate Technology publication. This plan is actually two plans, the first a foot operated bellows forge, the second a pedal operated centrifugal fan forge. Both are ideal for the hobbyist who only does occasional forging in small items such as knives and various metal hardware. You can put it on mobile casters and wheel it out of the garage workshop for use, No need for an extension cord, propane gas system or coal. A bag of hardwood charcoal will do for the occasional forging session. If you can get more advanced fuel such as coal, its an easy upgrade to add a small motor and damper to the fan forge for heavier work. No special materials or tools to build, well within the reach of the home hobbyist.

Click Oil Drum Forges to download. 2 MB - pdf

Make Your Own Gemstone Faceting Machine is the second plan today. This is a Popular Mechanics plan and should have been included in the 1971 shop notes highlights but I couldn't find the last page, so I didn't include it. Looking through a project binder today I found the complete plan in paper so here it is. This is a nice little machine, commercial high end units go for a pretty buck.

If you have a small lathe and rock hound blood in your veins, a set of tumbling drums and this faceting machine will be satisfying projects for your hobby. Semi precious stones like amethyst are common (the Thunder Bay area has a number of mines open to the public) and you don't have to be working with diamond's or rubies to produce some beautiful work.

Click on the images to expand.

Hope someone finds some of these projects useful or at least interesting.


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