Monday, January 22, 2018

Two Recent Reads

So catching up on some reads lately, the Trump related "Fire And Fury" caught my eye. Found it was more about Bannon than it was about Trump, and the stick you in the back, before you stick me, environment that permeated the west wing, in an effort to curry favour and influence over the self centered all powerful.

Hey nothing new about that, thats the experience of most people in most environments be it work, social or even the occasional forum ha, ha. Not an environment I ever cared for, always wondered how anyone got anything done. As for Trump the excerp from the next book might explain alot.

The other read I just completed "When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops" by George Carlin is a collection of Carlin's stand up rants and routines. Carlin's insights into human nature and the human condition are often hilarious and always insightful, I have always found his delivery very entertaining.

Below is an excerp of one of his rants. Be warned there is some very colorful language here. If you object don't read.

I included the last quote to show he spares no one. Even those nice people north of the border get put in their place, LOL.

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