Saturday, February 17, 2018

Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering Part 5

Been under the weather for the better part of a week, but I think we got her beat now, so better late than never, here is part 5 of "Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering". This part includes chapters 15 and 16. Chapter 15 covers "Simple Marking Out" essential to making machine components that fit together with accuracy.

Chapter 16 "Fitting - Tools For Fitting To Size By Shearing" covers all aspects of what I would call bench work. Lots of info and tips for working with chisels, hacksaws, shears, files, scrapers, taps, dies, drills and others. These skills would benefit anyone without a shop full of machine tools and even they have to resort to bench work sometimes.

To download click Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering Part 5 - 8 MB - pdf

If you are following look for Part 6 next weekend.

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