Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering Part 6

So were nearing the end of this fine, practical and hands on textbook. Hopefully the student and the experienced have garnered information not previously available to them. In this installment are two chapters, 17 Finishing and Assembling and 18 Erecting Finished Assemblies. As in previous chapters there are lots of illustrations clarifying the concepts and methods discussed. This completes the more practical sections of this textbook. In the last section, "Chemistry For Craftsmen" are 3 parts. Part 1 "Intro. To Chemistry of Engineering Materials", Part 2 "Corrosion Of Metals", and Part 3 "Chemical Changes And Heat Treatment". These have been touched on before, in this section the science behind these concepts is explored in greater detail. Look for this last part next week.

Click on Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering Part 6 to download 8 MB - pdf.

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