Sunday, February 18, 2018

Portable Toolcase

Recently a parent of a son working towards his Scout woodworking badge expressed thanks for some of the woodworking articles found on this site. The son was looking to build a toolbox as a gift for a relative.

Following is another plan from "Woodworking Plans And Projects" of a very nice portable toolcase that would suit the typical home owner or even apartment dweller. You don't need to have a large shop or be a shop hermit to require a basic set of tools to do repairs and small projects around the house and yard. This toolcase is an excellent solution to keep your tools together, easily stored, and portable. The article has good instruction for cutting good quality, hand cut, dovetail joinery, for the novice to improve on his or her skills and produce a good quality and useful toolcase.

Click on the image to expand and click again for best view.

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