Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Some Light Reading

So I haven't got around to making up the "Pictorial Textbook" file yet, but in the meantime here is a little light reading that some may find interesting. "Making The Small Shop Profitable" is a reprint from Lindsey Publications, first published by The American Machinist in 1918. Its a great little book full of articles, kinks and tips for the small shop and covers most aspects of metalwork which would be performed in the small shop. When I have time to scan and package the whole book in a pdf I will upload and share it here.

So here is the first contents page, a couple of "kinks" pages and the first two articles that some may find entertaining and interesting light reading.

Click to expand and click again for best view.

Knowledgeable workman who take pride in their work are few, scumbags who will take advantage are many. 

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