Friday, March 23, 2018

A Charcoal Kiln

So here is another reprint from Lindsay Publications, "A Charcoal Kiln Made Of Cinder-Concrete Blocks". The Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station developed and published the design back in 1946. If you have the hardwood and the need for charcoal, barbecuing, forge and smithing hobby, or foundry hobby this design will provide lots of lump charcoal relatively cleanly ( a process that is normally quite dirty, I still remember the charcoal mounds still in use back In Portugal, when I was a child). It is large enough that if you have a market to sell into, it will provide a modest supply.

You get good building instructions along with very informed operating procedures and a set of drawings to guide your construction.

To download go to my Books - Free Downloads to download. # 49 - 6 MB - pdf