Saturday, March 17, 2018

Advanced Projects For The Home Foundry And Machine Shop

As mentioned in a previous post most engineering drawing and design books have a "Working Drawings" section featuring many examples of shop or pattern shop ready plans for different items, some still commercially available.

This is usually my favorite section and one of the reasons I have so many of these texts in paper and on disc. So for the sake of sharing I made up a file of some of these projects assembled from my paper texts, maybe I will make one up from the titles I have on disc in the future.

As mentioned in the file most of these are advanced projects, most will require a full range of foundry skills and machining abilities. Not to put anyone off, but to grow your skills and keep the shop from getting mundane, you need to challenge yourself occasionally.

So I hope someone tries some of these, the drill press vises are an easy start. One of my first casting projects, many many years ago, was the # 2 drill press vise in the file. The aluminum jaws where easy to work without machinist machines, as was the case back then. The wood turning lathe,disc sander, and hand tools such as taps, dies, hacksaw, and files did a fine job.

To download the 40 page file click Advanced Projects For The Home Foundry And Machine Shop. 5.4 MB - pdf.