Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Blacksmithing Instruction

So while we are in the smithy here are a couple of books I converted to pdf from my word files a while back.

The first one "Blacksmithing-A Manual For School And Shop" by Selvage And Allton is an excellent instructional manual, with clear step by step instructions for 48 smithing operations,heating work, fullering, forging tool steel etc. The second section deals with information on the shop and equipment of the smithy, and the last section has tables useful for the smith. Published by The Manual Arts Press in 1925, this is a nice clean copy.

To download click Blacksmithing-A Manual For School And Shop. 3 MB - pdf

The second book is "Blacksmithing" by James M. Drew, published in 1947 by The Webb Publishing Company. If the wide availability of this one on line is any indication, this one is a classic. The emphasis is on farm work and in the process covers a wide variety of smithing work.

To download this clean small manual click Blacksmithing - Drew. 3 MB - pdf