Saturday, March 31, 2018

Canadian Machinery 3

So here are some more short articles and machinery pictures from the 1911 volume of Canadian Machinery magazine.

Now thats a belt sander

There are a couple of good ideas for the larger crucible furnace here.

Nice jig for the bench grinder.

The picture above was in the Canadian machinery magazine, I thought I had seen it before, sure enough I found the write up with the picture below in one of the ICS textbooks.

 Nice idea for a mini cupola

I seem to have a liking for these older radial drills, might be a nice project to build a small, scaled down, fully working, model.

 You will need a source of compressed air but I don't think there's much this beast couldn't melt.

Very nice shop sized turret lathe. Just the machine if you are producing a number of parts requiring up to half a dozen repetitive operations quickly.