Friday, March 30, 2018

Odds And Ends

So we got a couple of cm.'s of wet snow yesterday turned cold overnight and froze it to crusty ice.

The forecast is for 20 cm. of snow tomorrow, hopefully thats our April storm come early. I have another month of heating and the wood pile is getting low. I will probably have to dip into the coming winters supply on the left side of the divider, ha ha.

So I was looking through some old binders and came across a plan that brought back some nostalgic memories for me. I traced this plan from an old book I found at the Thunder Bay public library back in the 80's. The tracing paper was large format so I had to stitch it together from 4 scans. Not bad,if you enlarge the image to max size,all the instructions to build that nice gossip bench are there. I have built a version of the desk, without the roll top. The double arm is one I still want to build, The gossip bench and step stool would be nice child's room furniture. Maple, if you can get it for the benches, would be nice.

Hope someone likes this.