Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"Old Time Mechanics"

So here is another of Lindsay Pub's short reprints. This one was published back in 1982, when I first discovered Lindsay Publications. It is a short excerpt from "Machine Shop Tools And Methods" published in 1919.

Labor  intensive hand scraping is pretty much obsolete in modern industry. For the equipment challenged workshop hobbyist or machine re-builder it is still a very useful skill. Most of the information on these techniques has been abandoned in modern publications but most older pub's devote some of their pages to these methods. Vise Work by Josuha Rose a future upload also covers the technique and also contains his version of generating surface plates using the 3 plate method.

I have posted a few articles on this technique before, half of this "Old Time Mechanics" 15 page reprint also deals with surface plates and scraping. the remainder touches on lapping, grinding, shrink fits, and balancing pulleys, cutter-heads, and emery-wheels.

So to download click "Old Time Mechanics". 2.4 MB - pdf