Sunday, March 4, 2018

Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering Part 7

So a little late today, started uploading earlier and BANG the power went out. Contacted hydro, seems one of the donkeys on there generator wheel refused to co-operate and they were looking for a replacement. Back on, a little over a hour later, must have found a replacement donkey sitting on the gold plated thrown in the CEO's office, ha ha lol. Why so hard on hydro? They think they are government, at least they treat you the same way. They are constantly harking on literature we pay for, about how to reduce power consumption, and the less power they have to deliver, the higher the delivery prices go, meanwhile the delivery network is so neglected you don't even need a storm to take the power out.

So enough of that, here is the last part of "Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering". I hope some of the followers here have enjoyed the clarified info in this book. Something like this should be a course required by everyone thinking of going into the trades or mechanical engineering  fields. I have found it is the next best thing to actually getting your hands dirty at the bench.

To download click Pictorial Textbook Of Engineering Part7 - 11 MB - pdf