Thursday, March 15, 2018

Woodworking Machines-One Mans Viewpoint

So here's some light reading that woodworking machine enthusiasts might find interesting. The article was in FWW # 30, 1981 and written by John Lively.

In the article John does a tour of Delta/Rockwell and Powermatic manufacturing facilities and reports on some of the methods used in the production of their machines. He is not afraid to ask some challenging questions and gets some straight forward answers. Older machines were hard to beat, however things have changed over the last four decades. The original owners are long gone and both companies have changed hands many times. The emphasis is on stock profits (and I'll stay away from that rant). Delta is now owned by a Taiwan Co. and Powermatic is now owned by a stock fund co.

John writes about some good maintenance and operating tips for things like a jointer and voices his opinion on his preferences, like me he likes to refurbish older machines when they can be acquired at reasonable prices. Nothing like old iron. lol.

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