Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Couple Of Teaser Puzzlers

So it looks like spring has passed us by, it's been snow or flurries and cold for a week now. I may have stepped through the wardrobe into permanent winter, (somebody kill the witch, the Turkish delight is a con, ha,ha lol).

So as mentioned in the previous post one of my favorite volumes on mechanical movements is "The How And Why Of Mechanical Movements". It was published by Popular Science in 1968 and written by Harry Walton. It is full of clear illustrations, but this is not just a book of pictures of mechanical movements. The book focuses on the science behind mechanical movements with clear explanations without getting overly technical. The illustrations focus on the concepts being communicated.

The book covers everything in mechanical development from the cave man to rocket development and how guidance systems work. I will upload the complete book in a series of posts sometime in the future. In the meantime here are some pictures and a couple of puzzlers to think about.

Click to expand, click again for best view.

Wow now I know why rocket science is "Rocket Science". Whats amazing is that they don't all blow up. Even the coolant used is fuel or 1000* gases. I guess my sometimes "good enough" attitude wouldn't hold mustard here, ha ha lol.

Here's a couple of little teasers that might get some thinking about how things work.

Tune in next week for the answers. Not really ha ha.