Friday, April 20, 2018

Babbitt Bearings

Occasionally there are still machines around that run on babbitt bearings. The classic old stuff  often ends up in the scrap yards because the babbitt bearings are done and people don't know how, or want to take a chance, at refurbishing them. 35 years ago I was one of the "don't know how" when a classic old 36" band saw became available, pulled out of a farmers barn in rural Thunder Bay. It needed paint and new babbitt bearings, I let it go. That sure would look nice now in my shop, with a pinstripe paint job and new bearings. If I had read a few articles like the following article on refurbishing babbitt bearings, thats probably where it would be.

The article was published in the Oct. 1995 American Woodworker magazine. Babbitt metal sources may still be available.