Saturday, April 14, 2018

Disk And Spindle Sander Plan

So I am pretty sure I included this plan in a previous Popular Mechanics post. I found this plan today in my Plans-Projects-Models file, the resolution is better than the previous file and my new software cleaned and straightened out the file nicely. This is an advanced very heavy duty machine for the larger workshop. With a good finish you would never know it, but the machine is all built from laminated plywood. The drive components are mostly hardware store stuff, bearings, shafting etc. The double shaft motor is harder to find new, but if you can find a salvaged 1 hp grinder (usually 10") that would be perfect. Failing that a regular motor with an extra idler shaft mounted above the motor will give you drive from both ends. One thing I would change is the disk to a 12" or 16" disk, it would be easier to find replacement disks for these sizes, and would be better sized for 1 hp. Size your spindles to accept standard size sleeves for easy replacement. Or another option is to order and adapt a set of spindles from a machine supplier like Busy Bee .