Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Holtzapffel Type Bender Plan

So there are many different types of metal benders. The Holtzapffel type is one of the older and some would argue, the most versatile type. There used to be many plans available on the web but I see less all the time, at least for free anyway. I was happy to file away all these plans when they were available and my only desire is to put them back into the sharing loop. Many sites no longer exist and this is a way of keeping parts of them alive. If I can stick to the gray areas of the copyrighted stuff I might even avoid getting my hands slapped ha ha.

This plan made its rounds a decade ago and was repackaged a couple of times at least, I haven't built the bender but have looked at the plan, a number of times and all the numbers seem to jive. All the parts and dies are included in this 38 page file.

To download the file click Holtzapffel Type Metal Bender. 3 MB - pdf