Friday, April 13, 2018

Mechanical Details For Product Design

So I guess all we can do is hunker down and wait this winter out, warm fire going and waiting for the white-out due to blow in this weekend, ha ha.

So here is another post on "Mechanical Details For Product Design". As mentioned before this a great book on solutions for mechanical assemblies. I would like to say I will upload the whole book in the future, but books this size require a lot of time to scan and package properly, and I have committed to a few already. I am including in this post the contents pages, if anyone wants a specific page, send the title and I will get the pages up. In the meantime I will post a few more choice pages, occasionally.

I size the pages so that even my failing eye sight, (ha ha), can comfortably read them on my 20" wide screen monitor, so don't forget to expand them if your getting less than desirable size.

 I will start today with a couple of pages on measurement conversion tables. Some will say "What for? I have a computer in my pocket with an app that converts everything". Yes, so do I, but it is still nice to know how those numbers are arrived at, and that computer may not always be there (the Russians could drop an EMP bomb on our heads tomorrow, and then what are we gonna do, lol).

Joking aside an EMP will take out the electrical grid and anything with a circuit in it. By by electronics, some say for weeks, if not months. Thats kind of overkill just to stop Trump from tweeting, but you never know with the Russians. Were joking again, ha ha.

Here are a few pages from the hundreds in this book on solutions for mechanical assemblies.