Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Miniature All In One

So US Patent No. 6,068,543 is a Miniature All-Purpose Tool. All purpose it certainly can be, I have seen similar ideas in PM and PS mags in the past, but none incorporate so many functions. This is the perfect tool for the very small or apartment shop, and could be the only tool required for the model maker or other small craft hobby.

I don't believe it ever went to production, the patent date is May 2000, but there are lots of good ideas here. I can quickly see where it would benefit from a better xy table and I am sure there are many improvements and additions that can be made to the basic idea.

I found this interesting the minute I saw it, and am uploading the 32 page file here in the hope others may find this interesting as well and maybe even improve on the concept.

To download the file click Miniature All-Purpose Tool. 567 KB - pdf