Thursday, April 19, 2018

Plans From My Picture Files

While browsing my picture files I also pulled a few short 1 and 2 page plans gathered from various sources around the web that some may find interesting.

The first is a quick and easy sheet metal brake. Adjustable for a accurate bending line it will handle light sheet metal up to 18" wide. Heavier or strutted bending leaf and clamp bar will allow for thicker gauges.

Next is a nice little knurling tool, ideal for the mini lathe.

If you can get a hold of a hunk of 4" plate steel (salvage yard), you can grind out this nicely sized anvil. At almost 3 times the weight of an RR anvil it's nothing to sneeze at.

For the woodworker comes this nice large and heavy traditional workbench. The Moxon on the front, a traditional end vise and the tool tray make this a great workbench for the woodworker who likes to work with hand tools.

This 2 piece machine vise is a must for the milling and grinding tables.

I came across this on a shop made tools thread on a forum that escapes me now. I like it, the casters are too light for heavy work but for curves and hoops in light flat bar and other material, this is another quick and easy solution.