Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Small Project Collection

So here is a small project collection from one of my files. They come from various sources Model Engineer mag., Popular Science, a college site and others. Relatively easy to build and very useful in most small shops, wood or metal working.

The first is a knurling tool. Most of us have probably made an aluminum or other material, knob or handle, and would have liked to have knurled it for grip and decoration. This tool will let you do that with out the expense of owning a metal turning lathe.

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This is probably the most difficult project in this little collection. This only because of the need to shape and bore the heavy 1" plate steel frame. The result is still one of the easier and better punch plans I have seen out there.

This little pin vise was on a school model engine building site. A very useful little tool for the model building hobbyist.

Can't remember if this was a Popular Mechanics or Popular Science plan, ha ha. In any case I have always found it interesting. In ash it will handle aluminum and light steel sheet, but I have always wondered how much more durable it would be in welded heavy steel.

So this is another drill press vise. You can build this one without castings and with care produce a vise that is more accurate than most.

Hope there is some appeal for these, I will share more in the future.