Thursday, April 19, 2018

Treadle Hammer Pictures

So I should be spending my spare time scanning and packaging some of the books I would like to upload but I have been just plain lazy lately, probably this extended winter. Instead I have been browsing some of my picture files. I came across many pictures of human powered equipment that I have found interesting, too much for one post. I decided to do a treadle hammer post. I will do another post at a later date on pedal powered equipment. Hey don't turn up your nose, you never know when the Russians will start to feel picked on for their behaviour, and drop that EMP, lol.

So here is a nice selection of treadle hammer pictures gathered from around the web.

Interestingly this is a pedal powered hammer. Not for me though, I'd be thinking twice about sitting that close to red hot sparking metal. Red hot scale down the front of your pants might result in some interesting antics.