Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ventilated Roll Up Door Revisited

So now that it is warming up, I have wanted to do an update on the roll up door, after this harsh winter (just to tap myself on the back, lol). The door operated without a problem. I got a bit of snow blown in, just inside the bottom in windy storms and with all the freezing rain we got, the bottom rubber skirt froze to the threshold a couple of times. It was no worse for wear after tapping it loose. So all in all couldn't be much better.

As for the overall design of the space I am very happy with the conveniences. Parking is quick and easy. The tractor and equipment is easily accessed without disturbing the vehicle and the open equipment shed is easily accessed with lots of additional space since the tractor is no longer parked there.

There is a little drifting along the side of the workshop (at the front between the house and workshop). The only way to avoid this was to extend the roof another 20 ft., still much less drifting than before. One change I will probably make is adding a man door to the front lane from the workshop. Access now is only the 3 large vehicle doors and I prefer to keep them locked from the inside when not in use.

So spring is here, 14*C by 2:00 PM today and a couple more days like this in the forecast. Should be down to bare gravel by then.