Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A Saw Screams At Midnight

So here is a little comic relief for the diy enthusiast. "A Saw Screams At Midnight" was written in 1956 by G.A. Mills. It's a hilarious romp through the do it yourself craze that was probably at it's most popular during the 1950's. If your looking for plans and tips, you won't find them here (though I do like his novel wall plaques,ha ha), but you should check your comic relief button, if you don't find a smile or even some spontaneous laughter here.

The home craftsman is posed by a young Carl Reiner and to hold your attention, a couple of classic beauties from that era.

If you want to see more and download "A Saw Screams At Midnight" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 54 - 3 MB - djvu

You gotta love those expressions, lol.