Saturday, May 5, 2018

Can I Use That Bearing?

So here are a couple of articles I assembled from a few sources around the web on bearing nomenclature. The numbers and codes on a bearing can be confusing to the uninformed but a little basic information will go a long way to making you comfortable with those numbers.

Bearing numbers are standard and interchangeable across manufacturers. Prefix and suffix codes describe different design elements and special features of the bearing and can be at the discretion of the manufacturer. These features are usually described in the bearing description.

So here is another take on prefix and suffix codes.

My old Delta planer bearing and the new one I used for a replacement. 

So above are the old and new bearings I used in my planer rebuild in a previous post. The standardized numbers match up, these relate to bore, series, and type. The suffix codes do not, that is because the old bearing had a standard type seal. The new NTN "FORMULA" bearing is designed for snow machines and has a specialty double lip seal, designed for the extreme conditions and temperatures encountered by modern snow machines. I had 6 in stock so this was the way to go. As far as I am concerned the double lip seal is an improvement over the old bearing. I changed them because they were running dry and you can see the fine wood dust worked into the seal contact joints.