Saturday, May 26, 2018

Cavalier Strip Down Continued

So I got a couple of hours in on the Cavalier, slow day today, ha ha. I am now a little over half done. Here are a few pictures.

The first picture is the huge piece of back end plastic pulled off, the front piece is even larger. Living inside the foam and plastic is the steal bumpers. they are not very thick to begin with, even thinner with all the rust. The front not so bad, the rear (rustier one) was ready to fall off, one of the bolts that attach it to the unibody just pulled out, a second one sheared off when I put the wrench to it. I may find some use for the steal bumpers yet but I would have preferred  extruded aluminum.

Heres the small mountain of plastic, rubber, and foam accumulating in a corner of the shop, and I still have all the plastic and foam on the doors and interior to do. The seating is still like new, even the drivers seat with my fat butt sitting in it for close to 300,000 km. I may find some use for them yet.

It,s not all headed to the land fill and scrap yard. Pack rat that I am, here are a few items I have convinced myself that I can put to use in future projects. We keep dreaming, lol.

So I can be a bit of a night owl sometimes. Didn't get much done today, but the beauty of the new well lit shop is that I can get another 3 or 4 hours in tonight. "A wrench screams at midnight" lol.